About us.


We are an architecture and design firm creating spaces that perform both experientially and fiscally. We believe that spaces should have swagger and produce joy for those that inhabit them, but also function incredibly as a building and investment.  We work with developers, entrepreneurs, and investors to bring their ideas to life, whether it is a new type of housing development, new food concept, or the best way to reposition an asset. With our background in design and finance, we are experts at achieving the balance between that aesthetic wow and return on investment.


Alan is a licensed architect and the managing partner of Alan Lu Architects. He is also a top real estate broker and partner at ALTC Realty as well as a developer in the Los Angeles area.  He earned his Masters at MIT as a Presidential Fellow, and completed his BA degree in Architecture at UC Berkeley with honors. He has held positions at multiple high profile firms, and worked on projects with total construction budgets exceeding 1 Billion US.  At the end of the day, he is dedicated to making beautiful spaces that excite and inspire